Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Danananananana. I knew that I would now. Danananananana. I feel good. Danananananana. I knew that I would now. Danananananana. So good. So good. I got you. Da da da da da.

Now that I've got the song stuck in your heads, I can proceed. You see, I feel good. Yes, I know we've been here already but I do. Here's why:

1. I woke up beside my handsome groom of 13 years today and in lieu of cheesy presents and cards, we said the nicest things to each other. Smushy things like "I'm glad I chose you" and "I'd do it all again". I'll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say it was nice...
2. My dad and his wife called at 7:30am to sing that cornball song from the Flintstones episode where Fred buys Wilma a stolen piano for their wedding anniversary...
3. I just got off the phone with my best friend Kathy who lives in England calling long distance from work singing that same Flintstones tune sotto voce then hanging up on me quick-like before she gets her ass fired (or should I say "sacked")...
4. I went to a meeting about Henry's transfer to his new school for grade 1. I always get a charge seeing all the professionals attached to Henry and all the support he has access to for his language delay. For free. I'll kick anyone's ass who says the public school system sucks...
5. I ran 8.3K for the first time in my entire life. This was outside and using that run 10 minute walk 1 minute technique that Jim from the gym told me about. I had to stop because I had to get my butt to the abovementioned meeting but I could have run 10K today. Easily.
6. Henry and I are visiting his new school at 1pm. I'm going to meet his new teachers and see his classroom for the very first time. As an early childhood educator I always find that fun and interesting. And I get to talk to adults to boot?

Let me re-iterate:
I FEEL GOOD! And it's not even noon yet.

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