Monday, April 4, 2011

Yesterday I was chained to to kitchen.

I loved every minute of it. I really do enjoy cooking (okay baking) and spending time in my tiny kitchen. In fact it was a gorgeous day and I didn't mind spending every minute of it indoors.

In the future we may renovate and while I have no problem moving the coffee maker over to the other side of the kitchen, I don't need an island, I don't need pot lights and I don't need granite counter tops (although they would be kinda nice). I just need a full pantry and working appliances.

So anyway, yesterday I made banana cupcakes to get rid of the nasty black bananas on top of the microwave and I took my 72nd stab at pie crust making an apple pie. Dinner was steak, corn on the cob and veggies with homemade dip. Every mixing bowl and measuring spoon was in the sink. By dinnertime I was washing dishes by hand just to get enough forks for us to eat with.

Just a comment on the aforementioned pie crust... for something with practically no ingredients, for some reason I've never had any luck with it. And I consider myself to be a baker. My pie crusts always have the consistency of pancakes if I'm lucky or biscotti if I'm not. I know to keep everything cold and to not overwork the dough but it never worked until this time. I finally cracked it. So it was a good day all around.

So how was your weekend?

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