Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello Easter Monday!

Well we had a lovely holiday. Nothing recharges the batteries than 4 days off. Unless it's a week off. Or better yet, a month. Or even a... well you get the idea.

Friday everything was shut down so we just relaxed together. There was a Doctor Who marathon on Space Channel so I was in hog heaven all day. It was one of those perfect days where you don't get out of your pyjamas and you like it, dammit. I couldn't even be arsed to run that day. It's about the third time since I started this running lark in August 2010.

Saturday had all the stores open again so I showered up and headed out. I had a bee in my bonnet about white Converse so I bought myself a pair of those (bringing my All-Stars count to 7) then went to a specialised bra store and bought a bikini top (yes, you read that right... I think I've lost my mind). After the thrill of all that I came down with a trip to the grocery store. It had to be done. I hadn't done any Easter shopping yet.

Sunday, another "down tools" day. The kids were happy with their modest baskets of candy and t-shirts (whew!) and we sat around watching Doctor Who another day. I wore my new bikini top under my pyjamas to try and guilt myself into not eating like a pig. As I mentioned in my desperately sarcastic Facebook post, " worked! I only ate 2 huge cinnamon rolls, an Oh Henry bar, a handful of jelly beans, and several bites of a chocolate bunny. And of course, Easter dinner. It's all about being motivated to eat right." Yeah. So that idea was a bust. I wonder if that bathing suit will ever see life on the outside of my pjs. We'll see...

Today I thought I'd try jogging outside. I ran 5K then sat on a chair in the sun listening to my iPod. I showered and changed into my loungiest clothes and enjoyed the day. Scott and I even managed to get out for a kid-free coffee together. It was so relaxing I never wanted it to end. But tomorrow it's back to the grind for me and the kids. Scott's sabbatical starts officially tomorrow.

Hope you had a terrific weekend!

*** When you prepare to drive all over town looking for something specific and you remember you can call around before you leave to see if they have it (and you find it in the second store you try) = AWESOME! ***

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