Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why oh why?

Why am I so excited about this wedding? I actually thought about it earlier today and got a flutter in my chest as if it was me!

I've been preparing for a week. I've made scones and jam tarts for sustenance, bought special tea (and even the dreaded coffee since I'm up at 2am for all the special coverage). I've been avoiding the television specials so I can see everything fresh tomorrow morning. I figure they'd rehash everything to pad the coverage on the day and I wanted it all to be fresh to keep me from dozing off during the vows. In fact, in case that does happen, I've set the vcr (you know what I mean). I'm ready.

I'm on pins to see every single thing. I wonder what her dress will look like, I wonder if she'll flub her vows like her mother-in-law did, I wonder about the kiss on the balcony... I can't wait. I'm even excited about going to bed at 8pm tonight like a toddler. I feel like Christmas comes at 2am tomorrow.

*** Need I even go there? Weddings = AWESOME! ***

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