Friday, April 15, 2011

Strange week this week

It went by quickly and that's good but I found myself obsessed with that stupid Friday song by Rebecca Black. I woke up singing it, I went to bed singing it and irritatingly, I even spent $.99 and actually downloaded it from iTunes. I kid you not. I'm now the proud owner of this terrible "song".

One day I actually spent hours on YouTube watching everything I could with her in it. She's as sweet and clueless as every 13 year old girl I've ever met. She seems genuinely confused as to what the hell happened to her. She's not particularly talented or precocious and I think she'll just fade away in time but for right now I hope she enjoys the ride and makes some good investments with the cash windfall she must be making.

So in attempt to shake this song's squid-like tentacles from its grasp on my brain, I give you the Friday song. And for fun, my favourite parody (and there are lots, trust me... I spent the better part of the week familiarizing myself with them).

kxx (there are links, Facebookers. Get thee to blogger...)

*** Friday (the day not the song) = Awesome!***

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