Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet 16?

I was watching that show about ridiculous Sweet 16 birthday parties and I was wondering... why  is it 16? You can't vote, you can't drink and if it was up to me you couldn't drive either. Sixteen is a stupid age to mark with sedan chairs, belly dancers and a petulant fit when the car you get from your indulgent nouveau riche parents is the wrong colour.

A ridiculous OTT  party should be for a more sensible age like 13 (entering teendom) or dignified like 40. Yes, that's it. A "Fabulous Forty" party. This is the age when you deserve a brand new car. This is the age when you've earned the right to yell and stamp your feet in public when you don't get your way. You could hold the party at a driving range... ooh, better yet, a firing range getting rid of all your frustrations over bosses and bills. You could give out loot bags containing condoms and stogies and airline sized boozes... it would be a complete, adult blowout.

Who's with me? A party to celebrate middle age and the aching-backed tumble down the hill into old age. Of course I missed my chance for mine but we can do the same for 45, right? Forty-five can be the new 16, can't it? Guys? Guuuuys???


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