Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's talk about hair baybee...!

Shopping at the mall on the weekend with Audrey we both got complimented on our hair. The cashier said my cut suited me and Audrey's curls were "incredible". I replied to her that Audrey's hair is punishment for cutting mine off. As soon as I said it I regretted it. Even though her hair is unruly, it really is cool.

I talk about hair a lot. It seems to consume my thoughts. I have so many stories. Like the time Scott rented a convertible to impress me and I made him drive with the top up. Like not learning to swim because dunking my head would ruin my perm. Like sleeping sitting up in a chair at my friend's sleepover because I would die if I wrecked her pillowcases with my jheri curl goop.

Audrey's hair is starting to collect stories of its own. Like the time we had it straightened at the hairdresser and it took 4 hours, cost $75, with only Cheetos and coke to sustain her. Oh, and it lasted all of 72 hours. Like the time a kid in her kindergarten class dumped a pail of sand on her head in the spring and in the winter we were still finding stray grains. Like the time she had head lice... Brrrr. That one still keeps me up some nights.

Sometimes I miss having hair. When my best friend got married I was her matron of honour. At one point on her big day they all headed to the hair salon to get their hair done. I went too and for hours became the designated watcher of everyone's cell phones and purses. Good times. I miss having hair to do up when I go somewhere nice. Thank goodness I rarely go anywhere nice.

Audrey seems to have no hair issues like that. She has very high self esteem (she definitely gets that from me). She loves her hair and talks about it all the time. She proudly crows that she's the only person in her class with hair like hers. She's just now learning to take care of it herself and enjoys wearing it loose and a bit crazy. All I know is bad or good, I'm looking forward to hearing (and being a part of) more of her hair stories in the future.


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