Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Mum!

She was born Mabel Eliza Williams in 1934. She was fun and full of life even at the end. I never mentioned to you that the last thing she said to me was to make sure I wasn't causing the nurses too much trouble by staying in her room past visiting hours. She was a nurse too so she knew what a pain visiting relatives could be. I love that she was playfully scolding me at the end. That she was still looking after others even though she was so sick. That's the kind of woman and mother she was. I was lucky to know her.

I found this old photo of her on her wedding day to my dad. It totally illustrates the way she was. There my dad is trying to be all sober and serious and my mum is goofing with someone off to the side. Classic.

This was her favourite song. I'm glad it's so joyful because when I hear it I smile and think of her. I miss you mummy.

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