Friday, March 18, 2011

How did I forget?

I forgot to write a blog today. Must be the "fun" that is March Break. It was busy yet I still found the time to try out new recipes. This week I made Nutella Rice Krispie squares and Guinness chocolate cake. Both were incredibly delicious and much more worth mentioning that the six kids running me ragged all week.

Here's a photo of the cake:

The frosting was supposed to be like the thick foam on top of the beer. The consistency was there but it was too thin to sit at the top so it sort of dribbled down the sides. No problem, it still tasted fantastic. I think I'll have to make it my go-to chocolate cake over the Miracle Whip chocolate cake I usually make. It's so much less sweet.

Oh, and Henry got glasses for the first time. He chose the frames himself and is taking such good care of them. As of day 3. I'll let you know when the novelty wears off.

Have a great weekend. I know I will. Waiting for Monday to come and the anticipation of everything going back to normal will be like the agony of waiting for Christmas morning. Bring on Santa!

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