Monday, March 28, 2011

Didn't I tell you Friday that the weekend would bring fodder?

So the boys left Friday morning to go to a hockey tournament in Buffalo. It's funny how the house is a different kind of quiet when they're out of town versus just being at work or school. Anyway, Audrey came home from school and we promptly ordered a pizza. How on earth did I not know you can order pizzas online? And I claim to be a computer diva. Okay, I never claim that but you know what I mean.

Afterwards, all happily drowsy and full-stomached I asked her if she'd be okay if I went out for a few hours. See, the girls were meeting for the first time in ages and I had been looking forward to it for weeks. Lovely girl that she is, she agreed to watch a couple of episodes of Glee on the PVR while I went to girl's night. Don't worry, I was back by 10pm.

The next day we found out that Elliott tied the first game the night before and won the morning game. There was a game that afternoon and another Sunday morning. Good for him! Audrey and I decided on shopping and a movie. We walked around the mall and went in and out of every store, trying things on but surprisingly not buying much. Then we went to see Rango. A little slow but funny and we enjoyed it.

Another call from the boys. Elliott won the second game which meant a trip to the final on Sunday. The final that takes place at 5:45. PM. In Buffalo. Did I mention that this is Sunday? Yup, they had to spend another night.

Audrey and I watched Stella Dallas Sunday morning. Talk about a perfect mother/daughter movie. I couldn't stop hugging her. After I collected myself and squirted 1/4 bottle of Visine in my eyes, we were ready for the day. We decided on a long walk to buy chocolate (I'm aware of the irony) followed by girl movies for the rest of the day. It really was nice to just be girls with my only daughter all weekend. I often feel confused and even a little scared when it comes to dealing with her but this weekend couldn't have been more terrific.

So have fun on your little road trip, boys. You may think you got the better deal with hotel pools and junk food but Audrey and I had just as good a time as you.

BTW, Elliott's team wound up losing the final in overtime. The irony was that the opposing team was the only other team from Ottawa and even in their division. They could have played this game at their local arena. Too funny...

They'll be back at dinner and I have a "welcome home" cake planned. Vanilla with raspberry filling and lemon vanilla frosting. Maybe they'll leave more often.

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