Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Worst. Sleep. Ever.

I feel bad about this one. No, it's not "badly", look it up.

So as you all know, Scott has been away since Friday night. I slept like a baby while he was gone. I love the man but he's a snuggler and he's about 10 degrees warmer than I am. He breathes through his mouth loudly and has been known to puff in my direction at regular enough intervals to actually wake me up. While he doesn't often snore per se, he does make various buzzy, snorty, moany sounds that I can usually ignore. Last night I just couldn't.

At 3am he actually started to snore. I never just wake him up (treat others as you want to be treated... ie: never ever wake me up, I hate it) so I stole all the covers hoping to make him uncomfortable enough to change positions. It didn't work. I tried everything I could short of waking him up. Something worked because I dozed again only to be woken up at 5 by laughing. But not actual giggling but sarcastic "HA-HA-HA"-ing. Oh hell, no. His subconscious was laughing at me? Seriously? I muttered "that's it", grabbed my pillow and went to the couch. Of course, that woke him up.

So it was a good morning all around.



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