Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are you the sentimental type?

I consider myself to be sentimental. To a point. I've kept the dress my mother wore to my wedding and a couple of her muumuus. I even keep all of my kids' lost teeth in my jewellry box. BTW, I'm always adding to that bizarre collection courtesy of the 2 youngest who are still losing teeth monthly and still believe in the Tooth Fairy. Actually I think they more believe in the payday for doing next to nothing but I let them have it.

So back to sentimentality. This is about drinking glasses. Last week I bought a new set because the old set wasn't really a "set" at all. I had 2 whiskey glasses from a gift box of Jack Daniels Scott got a few years ago, 2 tall glasses from Pom Tea, some chipped dark blue glasses that we bought in 1992 for the kitchen of our last house that no longer match this kitchen, and 4 juice/water glasses from a 15 year old set that were so punished by the dishwasher that they weren't even clear anymore. I'd had enough. I got a nice, cheap 16 glass set. They all match and I'm happy. Scott had a few things to say:

"But we had those when the kids were born!" Um, isn't that the whole point of buying new?

"But you loved the blue glasses!" I did when we bought them for the blue kitchen at the old house. Now the kitchen is brown. And we've lived here for 13 years.

"But the Jack Daniels was a gift." And it doesn't weird you out to watch an 11 year old drink milk from a glass with 'Tennessee Whiskey' printed on it?

I'm all about being sentimental. I am. By all means, keep the tiny spoons that your mum collected from every province and territory. Treasure the penny that you squished on the train tracks when you went camping with your family in 1977. But I just want a set of matching glasses. And in the end, Scott did indulge my selfish whims as usual.


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