Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank you!

I just want to say a public and planetary "thank you" to Glen and Michelle. Both for reading my blogs and feeding our faces. Scott and I had an awesome dinner on the weekend with 2 old friends ("old" in the nice way) and I thought what better way to say thanks but in front of my 60-odd ("odd" in the nice way) readers and peeps.

Noteables were:

-the steaks done to perfection on a "big green egg" bbq. You could cut them with a fork
-the funky salad (who knew watermelon, feta and mint could go together? Michelle, that's who.)
- the kitchen (2 words come to mind: holey and moley)
- the margaritas (that contributed to the delinquency of a major... namely me Sunday morning)
- the cd "loot bag"... Glen, it was inspired. I can't thank you enough. Weirdly wonderful music.

So just to re-iterate, it was one of those yuppie-cool suburban parent evenings that you only hear about in stories. It was grown-up fun and awesome and I can't wait to do it again. Only not at my house because my kitchen's only modern convenience is Terra. Is it too late to ask for a shiny new kitchen for Mother's Day?


(added after posting: I know you guys told us not to bring anything and like obedient children we didn't. But I have to admit that I did buy something to bring you and naturally left it on my kitchen counter. I thought it would be funny. So anyone know what to do with a whole, fresh pineapple? It's pretty intimidating.)
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