Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aw, MAN!

I go to one meeting for the Ottawa River Canoe Club and suddenly I'm on the board of directors? I just showed up because I missed summer and paddling and I wanted to see some old faces I hadn't seen since October last year.

I'd never even been to any board meeting before. My friend Will sat beside me and kept whispering things in my ear so I just kept smiling and nodding vacantly until all of a sudden he said my name out loud and someone else said "second!". Turns out he was asking me if I wanted to be a board member. Who-what-now?

So, they made me Camp Director. I pray every day that they don't ask me to do anything requiring a brain. Being a body for quorum I can do (I just learned what that is). But making actual decisions... that requires understanding, a grasp of the essence of the task, research and maybe some grey matter doesn't it? Oh boy, do they ever not know what they're in for.

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