Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shock Horror Canada's Governor General kills and eats baby seal!

So Ottawa was a-buzz yesterday about our Governor General, the Queen's representative in Canada, helped to gut and eat a seal and part of it's heart. Ew.

I wouldn't have done it but she's a diplomat and when these opportunities arise she has to go with the flow or lose face. What I love it that she asked to try the heart. Way to go Michaelle!

Most people's issue with the hunt is that seals are "cute". In Canada they're a pain just like deer and the hunt is part of a cull. Cows have big brown eyes and impossibly long eyelashes but you don't see international protests to stop killing and harvesting them.

They don't cram hundreds of seals into an unnaturally small place and force them not to move while fed weird stuff to make more delicious meat. They live free until the moment they're humanely bashed in the head. It's quick and they have a nice life on the ice floe or wherever until their last day.

Anyway, I imagine seal tastes just like sushi or steak tartare. I'd never eat it but I'll fight for your right to have a seal pup sandwich at your desk at lunchtime.


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