Thursday, May 28, 2009

Comfort foods

I take my tea most often with nothing in it. Sometimes just milk and rarely just sugar. Yesterday at work I took it with both milk and sugar. This is my "comfort food". When I thought about it I realised it was because my boss had just told me something that worried me.

I have quite a few comfort foods. They're mostly dishes that I associate with my mum. Things like macaroni and cheese on the Thanksgiving table, milky sweet tea, banana cake, cheese danish or blueberry blintzes from the cafeteria at the Jewish General Hospital where she was a nurse and her bakes (fried bread dough) that were hard as rock. As much as I love these things, I'm always compelled to examine why I crave them. Sometimes, like with the mac & cheese, making it is just traditional but other times like with the tea, I have to make this whole personal psychological examination. Why? Sometimes a tea is just a tea.

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