Thursday, May 14, 2009

My teenager still loves his mommy!

A couple weeks ago I dropped Elliott off at cadets. As we drove up about 4 cadets and a couple of mothers were gathered outside the door. I dropped him at the door, sitting in the van as he got out and grabbed his sax. I rolled down my window as he came by and he leaned in and kissed me.

One of the mothers who I didn't know called out "excuse me!" and ran toward the car.

Me: Hi! Yes?
Her: Excuse me, can you tell me how you did that?
Me: Pardon?
Her: Get him to kiss you in front of other boys like that.
Me (laughing): I have no idea... I don't even think about it much. It just sort of happens. I don't ask, it just never stopped happening ever since he was a baby.
My New Best Friend: Well mine stopped about a year ago and it's hard to get used to. You're my hero. (She sticks her hand through the car window for a high five)
Me (Returning the five): Thanks! I guess I should consider myself lucky that I'm not embarrassing him yet...
MNBF(laughing): Good luck with that!

It never occurred to me to think that I was lucky that this still happens between us. I can't tell you how often I've hugged and kissed him in public and even shouted "I love you" across his schoolyard (and still got an "Love you too" in return). I need to realize that these could be the last few months (maybe even weeks or God forbid... hours) of him being this demonstrative with me. I won't take this stuff for granted.

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