Friday, May 22, 2009

I hate country music

Speaking of things I hate, moths have to right up there. In fact they're in the top two. And now that moth season is coming and I have to steel myself so I don't look like a complete ass, freaking out and running away from what essentially is a butterfly.
Speaking of butterflies, I'm not afraid of them. At all. They seem to just be going about their business. Like bees. They don't come after you. Like wasps. It's the erratic way they fly. You never know from one second to the next where the frigging things are going to be. One minute they're a foot in front of you and the next minute they're down your top. What's up with that? Then there are their nasty papery, dusty wings and evil looking bodies. Brr.
Last week there was a huge one in the office. I don't know where the frigging thing was all day but just before I was to go home it showed up, fluttering around my desk, so big it cast shadows over it. Now after 40+ of summers full of hated and feared insects, I've learned not to do what I instinctually want to which is run out the nearest door screaming and waving my hands over my head. No, I calmly got up and walked to the kitchen area. Inside I was screaming and waving my hands over my head. Anyway, once in the safety of the kitchen I peered out around the door jamb to see where the nasty thing had got to. Imagine my surprise when it veered over to the common area where it made one of the guys shout "whoa" and back away from his computer. I'm sure it was more out of surprise than fear but I was relieved. Three people then set out to try and get rid of it with no prompting or hysteria from me. I was pretending to wash the dishes. What a way to lively up the end of the day. But I can do without those kind of short sharp shocks. Showcasing one of my humiliating fears is not how I wanted these people to get to know me.
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