Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When is it eavesdropping?

The other night I openly asked the room while we were all watching tv what the difference was between eavesdropping and just listening to someone's conversation. Because I seriously didn't know. Audrey piped up and said that if you join into the conversation, you are eavesdropping but otherwise you are just passively listening ("passively" is my word, not hers... at 10 she's clever, not a fricking genius). That makes sense to me.

I mean when you're on the bus or other public place, how can you not listen in on people talking? Most people, what with cell phones or headphones blaring, have lost the fine art of whispering. So you are almost assaulted by voices. I think Audrey's right. The fine line is taking what you're hearing and making it your business in any way.

And just so you know, I make most new friends by eavesdropping. I have no problem doing it so just watch what you say in public. Also keep in mind that I understand French and American Sign Language.

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