Thursday, April 23, 2009

Putting the f-u in fuming mad (I've always wanted to say that)

Or as fuming mad as I get which is not at all. More like quietly, grumpily irate. The "I'm-going-to-draught-a-pissy-letter" kind of mad but that's not a catchy blog title.

Anyway, here's the scoop. I ordered some shampoo online. It's the only product out there that works on Audrey's nest of hair. Unfortunately I can't get it anywhere closer than this salon in New Jersey. I was delighted when it arrived super fast but to my dismay the envelope was empty. There was a huge tear in it and all I could picture was a burly Canada Post truck driver with impossibly tangle- and frizz-free hair. I talked to the boy at the post office desk but he couldn't help. Let me just explain that he works at a postal outlet located at the back of a pharmacy and just leave it at that. He did, however give me a brochure with a 1-800 number I could call.

When I got home I called the number and the helpful (please hear a sarcastic tone here) operator told me to call the salon directly and that there was nothing they could do. EFF. I don't get upset but I was starting to work up quite a head of steam. I was starting to think that I'd never see that nearly $35 again. Yes, I know it's a ridiculous amount of money for a 10oz bottle of shampoo but Audrey has a ridiculous amount of hair.

So I call the salon. Hours are from 9-5 and it's 5:30. Grrrr. I leave a message. Then I find an email address and fire off one of my famous terse notes. Not angry, remember I really don't do confrontation well. Within 2 days I get this email in return:

Thank you for contacting Avenue You Beauty Store, where it's always all about you! We are sorry you received an empty package from us. This was a stupid mistake on our part, and we will rush you out another shipment today (4-16-09). Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you and hope to see you back soon,

Help Desk"

Well how nice was that? Thank goodness I didn't have to let them walk all over me. Sometimes it pays to be a doormat. Okay, maybe not a doormat but a non-confrontational blancmange. Karma, people...

(I just want to add that I got the shampoo yesterday and there was no extra charges of any kind. I'm ordering something else from them as soon as I'm done here)

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