Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are you still talking?

I'm an incessant chatterbox. You've seen my writing. Now picture it in person. I often interrupt strangers speaking amongst themselves to drop in one of my bon mots or a funny (at least to me) comment. It's what I do. I enjoy talking and hearing the sound of my own voice. Which is why sometimes this job is darn near impossible.

We have no conference room here at inMotion. Whenever Pat has a meeting, he and his guest will sit on chairs in the hallway, oh, about 8 feet from my desk. Of course I can hear every word. Mostly it's all technical stuff with the odd recognisable adverb, adjective or swear word thrown in. Sometimes the conversation turns to what's going on in their lives. Here's where I run into trouble. Last week a woman came in and was chatting with Pat. She mentioned that someone she knew wrote some songs for HSM3. I stopped typing and gushed "I love HSM3!" before I realised that technically they're in a meeting and I'm not invited. Heh.

He was in a "meeting" yesterday. So many times I've had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from interrupting and oh, say, losing my job. I just want to throw in the odd "No kidding!" or "that reminds me of a funny story...".

The short version of this blog? Either this office needs an effing conference room or I need big dj style noise cancelling headphones.

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