Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guys are a weird bunch

And I finally know this from experience. This new job of mine is in an environment of mostly guys. The only other woman besides the boss' wife, works in an office away from most of us so I only see her when she needs a coffee.

I've always worked with women. I've worked in hospitals, daycares and on my own. I've never needed to have a conversation with a man unless he's family or I'm sleeping with him or he's sleeping with a friend of mine. That's just how it's been.

When I worked with women, in a space of 30 minutes we would know what high schools we went to, our favourite foods and even when our cycles are. The chit chat never stops. It's so different here. I've been working with these guys for over a month and I don't even know their last names.

Guys don't chat. They have something to say, they say it and it's over. In fact, they'll quit before I feel like we're even done talking. There is no segue from one topic onto another. When the pertinent topic is done, they're gone. And I mean physically. They actually walk away.

After I first arrived at work, it took days for someone to strike up a conversation with me. At first I thought they didn't like me. Turns out they just had nothing to say. In fact I told my friends later that I was pretty uncomfortable and that I wasn't sure I liked it there. Then about one week in, one of the guys brought up Lost. As much as I'm thisclose to hating that show because half the time it feels like the cast is all speaking Urdu, I was grateful that I'd watched it the day before. I mentioned some of the names that were escaping them and they seemed really grateful. We talked for a full 5 minutes. I was IN.

Now they talk to me every day. Most conversations go something like this:

Me: Hey guys!
Them: Hey.
Me: How was your weekend?
Them: Pretty good.
Me: That's good to hear!
Them: Yours?
Me: It was great!
Them: *walks off*

Them like me. Them really like me!

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