Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sometimes I hate living in this town

Don't get me wrong... most times I love it but the hug situation gets me every time.

The other day I brought muffins into work. They were for the office but prompted by one of the girls who'd finished a really long job. I put them in the kitchen then went to her office to tell her they were there and why I'd made them. She made super grateful noises, looked me in the eye, stood up and started coming toward me. Now, if this was Montreal I'd have been positive she was coming in for the hug. But in Ottawa I'm never sure since most people don't hug. So there she was coming toward me, likely thinking that she just wanted to get by me and go for those muffins. So I backed away and let her by. But did I sense an awkwardness there that I rebuked a physical show of thanks? Or was it my imagination?

Later at my desk, I can't stop thinking about it. What if she was coming in for a hug and I backed away like a scared rabbit? Wow, that would have been insulting. But what if she was just trying to get by and I attacked her with one of my squishy squeezes? She'd have grounds for a sexual harassment case.

Damn this town and it's spotty hugging record. It's totally throwing off my "hug-dar". It was so much easier in Montreal. Everybody hugged each other and if you didn't like it you were the weirdo. So now I'm constantly thinking: "Should I?"... "Shouldn't I?"... "What if I do?"... "What if I don't?"...

Aaargh! My tiny brain.

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