Friday, April 24, 2009

The girl with the pearl earring

I ran around all day Saturday grocery shopping at 4 stores, driving to and from hockey and horseback riding and I finally sat down at the movies with Audrey for a breather. I raised my hand to my ear and noticed that an earring was missing. Not just any earring but the only genuine earrings I own. They were gold, pearl and sapphire studs sort of fitted together to look sort of like white apples with 2 blue leaves and gold stem. Gorgeous. They were a birthday gift from Scott and me and my brother Mike and his girlfriend to my mother a 3 months before she died. She left them to me and I love them. And there I was at 17 Again crying not because Zac Efron was reading a heartfelt letter to his wife in court but because I lost a precious (not to mention fricking expensive) earring. Then I thought: my mother would have been happy that I loved them even though I lost one. They weren't in some dusty old jewelbox but out at the store and barn and arena and movie theatre doing stuff.

So there's the thing. We all have stuff that we save for special occasions. But do those occasions ever actually come or do we just wait and wait until it's too late? Yes, I was gutted that I lost one but actually kind of glad that I wore and loved them. So by the time that I got home, the feel-good movie was over and I was actually feeling better about my loss. I took the other earring off and went to put it away probably for the last time and I saw it. The other earring was still in the drawer. I had never even put it on this morning. D'uh... such a Karen move. But it made me think of something that day other than Zac Efron's dreamy smile.

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