Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Food blog

Everybody has a bunch of fear factor things they eat that gross most people out. Being a minority I think I have more than others. Some ethnic foods can be icky to those who have never experienced them.

Weird stuff I eat:

Kiwi skins: They make the kiwi so sweet/sour and firm, I hate the flavour and texture of a peeled kiwi.
Blood pudding: Just yum. And no, the name is not a euphemism
Warm water: You read about that earlier.
Goat: With plenty of curry and wrapped in a roti. Heaven.
Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches: Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
Liver: I love it with mushrooms and garlic. But I won't cook it. It looks vile raw.
Anchovies: Say what you want but a pizza just isn't a pizza without them. So smelly and salty but I haven't had them in years because the odour nauseates the family and you can't just pick those babies off your slice.
And in keeping with fish, Sardines: Right out of the can. Oh yeah.

Then there's the "normal" stuff I find gross and nasty. Here's my list. It's mostly stuff with a weird tongue/mouth texture:

Tomatoes: The seedy goop in the middle is what grosses me out. Strangely, I love the flavour of everything tomato, though: sauce, juice, sundried, canned, soup...
Jello: It just makes me shudder to think that it's just sugar and weird fake flavour. Jiggly nastiness.
Eggs: Only I can cook them so they're edible. Not any part can be runny or I'll vomit on my plate. It took me 17 years to even be able to sit beside Scott without gagging while he eats his favourite over easy eggs. UGH.
Olives: Yuck. The flavour is awful but the smell is terrific. I taste them every time they come around at a party and after one bite I have to discreetly spit out the rest into a napkin. Martinis are my favourite drink and I have to order them with a twist of lemon or a cocktail onion.
Cottage cheese: The texture is like boogers in yoghurt. And the flavour? What flavour?
Oatmeal: Boogers in pudding. Why do I have so much experience with eating boogers?
Orange juice with pulp: Boogers in... well, you get the picture.

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