Friday, April 17, 2009

Holiday plans? Why can't I ever figure them out?

As a mother I deal with the kids' holidays very badly. I always wait till it's too late to sign them up for spring break or summer activities. Of course the fees are extortionate for 3 kids anyways so I'd be working for no pay all summer long. On top of it I have to work most PD days so the kids are usually stuck on their own for a big chunk of the day. No fun. Especially with our rules:
1) No answering the phone (unless it's me or your father... we have different ringtones)
1a) If you do answer the phone NEVER tell anyone you're home alone.
2) No answering the door
3) If you go outside, only in the back yard, please, and no leaving to go to friends houses and no biking
4) No turning on the stove (Scott only just let them use the toaster and microwave... I mean they have to eat, right?)

Could you imagine the crappy summer you'd have following those rules all day?

So here's what I'm proposing. Only 1 month off summer holidays. Let's say July. Don't freak, hear me out. One week March break, 1 week Easter break (April), 2 weeks Xmas break (December), 2 weeks Labour Day break in Sept. Plus a couple of stat holidays sprinkled in and yes, even a soupçon of PD days in there. It still works out the same but it makes it easier to plan and/or take time off for us working parents. Just a thought. Questions? Comments?

Not that anything I write in this here blog has any influence on anything, but still...

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