Friday, April 3, 2009

More about the job

So Pat has asked me if I wanted to go on shoots. He said I could be like a P.A or even do wardrobe (as if I know how to do those things). Sounded cool at first blush. But the more I think about it the more apprehensive I become. What'll I do with the kids if the shoot is in a strange town or worse yet overnight? What if I'm asked to go out for coffee or pizza in an unfamiliar place and end up in Moose Factory? Hoo boy...

But maybe I'll get to travel and see the country a bit. That'll be interesting. But they don't go to cool places or world famous shopping districts. For instance they're getting ready right now to go to Sudbury. Not exactly a hotbed of consumerism. Also Val D'Or. Ummm yeah. Not unless they're giving out free souveneirs from the dank goldmine. There is the potential to go to Banff. Gorgeous place but I don't ski and I'm sure there won't be time to get a mud massage at the spa. If they ask me to go, that is.

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