Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wow, is this ever politically incorrect... don't kill me

Okay, I'm just going to lay it out there. I don't believe that people who deal with hardship are brave. I believe they they deal with what's happening in their lives and they just live it whatever crud they're dealt. I think describing them as brave gives them a quality they haven't really earned. To me being brave is running into a burning building or throwing yourself into the path of a bullet. Is it brave when you're just doing your job? Is it brave when you're just dealing with your end of the stick however shitty it may be?

Here's my case in point. My mother had cancer. She dealt with it for years, it went into remission, then it killed her in 1995. Did she put up a fight? Yes. Did she do everything her doctor asked? Sure. Did she take all her crappy medicine and undergo terrible rounds of chemo? Yup. But was she brave? Not really. She just lived as long as she could under crazy amounts of stress and pain. That to me doesn't spell bravery but it does deserve a title of some kind. I'm not sure what it should be but there needs to be something besides brave. Little help?

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