Friday, March 6, 2009

Should I be worried?

I haven't mentioned my new job on here but so far it's really been fun. I'm the Inside Sales Manager of a video production company. I enjoy the atmosphere (although it's a bit quiet for my taste since I'm a big fan of white noise). On my very first day my boss Pat got a really good contract and said I was his "good luck charm". A few days later he got another one and said the same thing. Then just last week it happened again and he said it again. That I'm his good luck charm. Uh oh.

While I love being the centre of attention, this kinda scares me. There's a lot of pressure here that I may not be able live up to. What if (God forbid) things start to tank? Will I get the blame? Or worse yet, fired? Being a good luck charm is a huge responsibility. But, hey, you aren't given anything in life you can't handle. Well, as long as nobody asks to rub my head, that is.

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