Monday, March 23, 2009

I never mentioned that I passed!

I passed my swimming lessons last week. I was able to do everything even "dive". I put it in quotes because my version of diving involves a lot of coaxing, mental blackmail then an ungainly plunge into the deep end. Many times involving stinging boobs which means I inadvertently belly-flopped in. See? Like I said, diving.

So anyway, I can officially do a pretty mean breast stroke, back stroke and even attempt a front crawl which is the stroke I officially hate. How do people co-ordinate their arms and legs and breathing? I can get one or two but never all 3. When I'm particularly sucking, I don't breathe out enough when my face is in the water then I turn to breathe but have to blow out and in and start to panic, snorf in some water and I'm done. I start freaking out and have to float on my back. Pathetic.

But the whole point of learning to swim was accomplished. I can do some kind of stroke (probably a breast stroke) for 200m so I don't humiliate myself in August for that triathlon. I'm ready. Let's do this.

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