Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gotta love garbage day

You know that feeling when you hear the rumbling truck in your dreams and think "it effing canNOT be". CRASH!! Yup, it is.

So you throw on whatever is on the floor from last night and haul your ass to the frozen curb, plastic bins in hand. This is what happened last Friday. And this is what I was wearing:

I can't imagine what my neighbours and the garbageman thought. I'm normally quite put together in public. I think that's why I took the picture. I couldn't believe myself what I was wearing. Ratty bathrobe under a coat that's 2 sizes too big, and the special touch... Elliott's army boots. I'm sitting by the phone waiting for Tyra to call.

Just to be completely fair, I took another photo a few hours later in the same spot. Hey, I can't let the last image you saw of me today be the one above, can I?

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