Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring forward... stupid clocks.

With the time change, everyone has a complaint. The losing an hour of sleep wrecks their rhythm. Their kids go a bit nuts. They're late for things. Whatever. Me? Mine was that I was cold for hours Sunday morning and I had no clue why.

Then I walked by the programmable thermostat I finally realized. See, being the environmentally thoughtful family we are, we set the electronic thermostat to make the house colder at night (19C... you figure it out yourself if you're still using "old money"). It doesn't pump up to 23C until 6am. Unfortunately that thermostat's clock is as dumb as a bag of hammers and doesn't adjust with DST. So I had to spend an hour in the deep freeze until I could figure it out. And of course I had to mess with it for ages until I could successfully change the time. Why do they make the hardest clocks to change the ones you only touch twice a year? I'll totally forget how to fix it by "fall back".

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