Friday, March 20, 2009

Can I just praise my body for a minute?

It's a bit fatter and jigglier than I'd like (I could easily stand to lose 30 pounds and my belly rivals the Michelin Man's) but it's so strong and it can remember the days back when the earth was cooling and I was training nearly every day. Keep in mind I haven't been to the gym since April 2008.

I was at work and thought for shits and giggles that I should flex out my thighs and calves under my desk. I liked the feeling so I did it every so often for the entire day. When I put on my fancy knee length boots to go home, I wondered why the hell they wouldn't zip up. Then I realized. I had been excercising my calves. After just a few reps of pointing my toes, I had to go home with my boots unzipped. Too funny.

So here's a toast to my super strong body. I may look like a Black Buddha but I could send you to Nirvana with a roundhouse kick. Take that Karma.


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