Monday, July 2, 2007

What a great weekend

And it's not over yet. There was a midway in our local park this weekend to mark Canada's 140th birthday. What a petting zoo and whack-a-mole have to do with the birth of the world's most envied nation (whether you realize it or not, you do) is beyond me. But the fireworks rocked.

Anyway, we had an excellent time and it was so much better than last year. That year we missed Canada Day entirely because we were travelling to the US and although the trip was fun(ish), I swore up and down that I'd never miss another Canada Day ever again.

See, Canadians, being who we are, don't celebrate our terrific-ness any other day than Canada Day. We are so polite that we chat, debate and discuss rationally how fabulous we are but only spend one day proudly wearing red and white and screaming our greatness into the skies. Being in the States last year really made me miss our country. And screaming like a fool. It really was a ball.

So now that the bulk of the events are over, we reflect on our awesomeness and the recent revelation that a full 80% of us couldn't pass the entrance exam new Canadians take to get into this fine country. Errr yeah. Quick... name the first Prime Minister born in Canada. Okay, that was pathetic.

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