Monday, July 30, 2007

Scott's birthday present

And this blog is yet another hunk of proof that he never reads these things. I just dropped $185 on 2 tickets for Genesis and they better be worth it. The second ticket is totally wasted on me so I hope one of his friends Randy or Andrew are available. In a word? Genesis = Yuck. Old People's Music. Okay, that's 4 words but whatever. And if I am calling them old people, you can imagine what the crowd will look like...

Here's something else to make you feel old. When I picked up the tickets, I laughingly assured the girl at the counter that they weren't for me. She, in turn, assured me that it didn't matter to her since she'd never even heard of them. Yargh. Even though they don't turn my crank, at least I've heard of them. Gaaah! Damn these children and their unconsious ability to humiliate me in public.

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