Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My final meal

As I watched Mama Lopez-Fitgerald cook her son Luis's favourite meal as he sits on death row to die at midnight, I thought about my death row meal. And as usual, it's complicated.

Like my favourite music and movies, it depends on my mood and other factors. Do I want savoury? Fried? Veggie? Fast food? Foreign? Comfort? Am I watching my weight (but I guess on death row that's a moot point)? So let's take it in parts, shall we? And let's (please) not forget dessert...

Favourite Savoury Food:
Pizza. And nothing too fancy please. Just top it with pepperoni, mozz, green pepper, mushrooms and onions. And anchovies. Hey, it's my death.
Favourite Fried Food:
Hello? French fries. And if you really want to send me to heaven, throw in some cheese curds and gravy. Oh yes.
Favourite Veggie dish:
Anything with salmon. I've never met a salmon dish I didn't like. If we're going vegan, my co-worker friend Candace makes the most wicked vegan/raw date square and you'd think you've, well, died and gone to heaven.
Favourite Fast Food:
Sorry, it has to be McDonalds. I haven't had a Big Mac in years due to middle aged spread. So make mine 2 Big Macs and a large fry. Hold the guilt. Hey, I'm about to die here.
Favourite Foreign Food:
Indian. Gimme a chicken vindaloo with lots of naan and basmati. The spicier the better. I won't have to worry about when it comes out the other end, will I?
Favourite Comfort Food:
My mum's "Dumplings and Red Beans". She made a wicked pile of kidney beans in a gorgeous sauce with the chewiest, heaviest lump dumplings you ever tasted. Awesome. I'd never need to eat again. Hee. Get it?
Favourite Dessert:
Anything baked and without chocolate. I'm thinking a dozen honey glazed doughnuts from Tim Hortons or an entire sheet cake from the grocery store. Hey, I'm going to die anyway...

Well, that was sad. Now I'm just hungry. A bagel and a cup of tea is hardly going to do it for me now, is it?

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