Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I quit

Well, it's the end of an era. I quit the job I had at the YMCA.

It's a job I had initially gotten for the free gym membership. What I didn't realise was that it would make me feel like I was contributing to the house again. Even at slave wages. In fact, at first I was a volunteer. When someone was fired after I was there about 2 months, they offered me her job. After doing daycare in centres and then at home after I had the kids, it was perfect for me. They even implemented things into the programme that I suggested like circletime and they still sing songs that I taught them. And I could bring in my own kids and my home daycare children while I worked. How perfect was that?

I quit yesterday over the phone. Awful after I've been working there about 4 years. But what could I do? The boss Deanna is only there during the hours I'm at Boomerang. There was no way I could see taking the morning off there to go quit a $16 a week job. It would cost way too much money. To her credit she was totally cool about it. She said she was surprised I kept the job so long after I got the job in November. She wished me luck and told me she'd cancel Sundays now that I wasn't going to work because she didn't want me to do the 2 weeks notice. So that's it. I can sleep in on Sunday mornings again. Except for dragonboat practice the next couple of weeks.
Now what do I do about that gym membership? I'll guess have to exercise outside like poor people. Sheesh.

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