Monday, July 23, 2007

I have been bad

I admit it.

I read the whole Harry Potter series. I loved it. But now that I'm deeply in love with Queen Betsy, the boy wizard is on hold. I need to finish this other series first. I'm so not one of those multi-taskers that can read more than one novel at once. I can barely read a cookbook with another book on the go.

Anyway, I thought of a few solutions to my problem. The best of which was getting the newest Harry on tape or mp3 so I could listen at the gym or in the car. Which would have been a terrific idea if I went to the gym anymore or had a commute of more than 7 minutes each way. So that was out. Anyway, the decision was made for me when I saw the book on sale at Shoppers and I picked it up.

So there was the book. All ready for me to read. On Sunday I finished book 4 of Queen Betsy and even though I have book 5 in my possession, I felt I couldn't read it until I read an anthology that takes place 2 months before book 5 which'll drive me crazy if they refer to it even once so I've got to read that one first so I'm between books again (how's that for a run-on sentence?). And here's Harry, ripe for the reading. I pick it up. I caress it. I crack it open... to the last chapter. It's called "Nineteen Years Later" if you must know. Very satisfying.

Aren't I bad? I've never done that before. I'm not one to jiggle gifts before opening day or find out what sex the baby is before it comes. But I had to do this. I think it's because I was scared that someone else would wreck the surprise for me. And frankly, I'd rather ruin it myself. And now I can go back to Queen Betsy and not feel I have this hanging over my head. Besides, I don't even know who dies (JK Rowling said 2 main characters bite the big one in this book) just who lives (and hooks up). Consider that your little hint. Don't kill me...

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