Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On David Suzuki and Mr. Clean

Last night the kids and I were talking about David Suzuki. Actually, it went more like this: I had turned out a light in the hallway that wasn't being used and muttered "you guys are pissing off David Suzuki". See, around here there has been a series of ads featuring Dr. Suzuki prompting us to turn off lights and usless appliances and do your small part to save the environment.

Anyway, Audrey heard my utterance and said: "Is David Suzuki a real guy?". I rolled my eyes and told her of course he was... who do you think has been in all those ads? She said that she thought he was a computer image like Mr. Clean. I laughed so hard I could have powered my own generator.

Seriously, David Suzuki is the man. He tells us simple ways to save energy. You don't have to "live in a cave" as he says, just change a couple light bulbs in your house and buy local veggies. Easy stuff, right? Even I can try some of this stuff. He's all about the environment and conservation and he's not out to make it a royal pain in the ass for us regular joes. I guess he is like Mr. Clean after all. Dr. Clean if you're nasty.

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