Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fun with YouTube

Ever wondered how people get videos on YouTube? Well so did I. For some reason I thought you needed to jump through some technological hoops or something. Even though I've seen the average joe's cat playing piano one too many times.

Anyway, I realize now that it's just a matter of creating an account for myself and them picking it off my hard drive like Photobucket does. Easy peasy. Now I have 3 little videos on there.

Here's my dragonboat video. You can't really see me, I'm in front on the left side. Here's my off-key singing of Happy Birthday to Audrey on her 9th birthday and here's Henry doing that thing that kids do that I find so fascinating. What's going through his little head? It's boring out here but in his head he's having a ball.

Hey, this YouTube lark is not so scary after all. Stay tuned for more interesting nonsense in the future. Like I needed another new toy. Sigh.

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