Thursday, July 12, 2007

Boobies! Made you look...

I promised the kids a busy day today filled with pet stores, book stores, swimming pools and home made cookies so this one will be a short one.

Remember I told you all I had breast reduction surgery in 2001? I found an old photo of myself before the procedure. If you don't think I needed it, remember I was a double F. They don't sell that size in normal stores. Going down to a D (who does that?) was the best decision I ever made. Anyway, check out the results. I made sure to wear the same shirt.

I'm sure there are guys out there who prefer the big gazongas but seriously, there weren't too many options for me in terms of clothes. And people immediately thought I was dumb. And my back and shoulders were always sore. And they were always the first things to enter a room. And they were always in the way. And I couldn't exercise... I could go on but I'd bore you. Suffice it to say I'm waaaaay happier now. And I can wear cute tops.

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