Friday, June 29, 2007

On my way out the door

Here I was thinking I should take the kids out to the beach since yesterday was an indooor day for them because I was all about the laundry. I told the kids this morning and they seemed less than enthused. Fifteen minutes later I have a grumpy 11 year old saying that he'd rather stay home, and a 7 year old crying because the 9 year old was teasing him. I would so rather be at work right now. Summer holidays are for chumps.

Anyway, here's a great photo of my dragonboat team "The Bold, The Bald and The Beautiful" that was taken on race weekend. Did I mention that we came in 41st place overall? In a field of 190? I did? Well tough. I'm going to the beach with 3 pissy kids. I need to take my joys where I can get them.

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