Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I love this house

So Elliott had his graduation yesterday. It's only from grade 5 but it's the final year at this school so they have what I've heard called a "big tra-la-la". He got his diploma but no other special awards. No problem, because he's the cleverest being in this house.

He report card is stellar. The only Cs he got were in art and gym. Who does that? In his yearbook the kids talked about their favourite subjects. Most said recess or lunch. What did Elliott say? "Math. Especially fractions." Wha? He's like an alien.

When I woke him up for school today I trilled, "It's the second last day of school, sweetie!". He replied groggily, "You mean the penultimate, mum." Come on! Grammatically spanked by an 11 year old? I love it. Happy graduation, my brainy lovey!

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