Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Please let today go smoothly

Day 3 of Scott being gone and every event that I need to be at this week happens today. How did this happen? And all 3 commitments are important. Obviously one of them has to be blown off and I chose the one that came up last and that I didn't pay to participate in. My work staff meeting. Ugh. As Scott likes to say it's "bad optics" but I have no choice what with him being away.

The staff meeting is at 6pm, Audrey has her last horsemanship lesson from 6:45 - 7:45 and I have the final dragonboat practice at 8:10 where we get our final seat placements, have a practice race and talk about our race plan for Saturday. Since I'm the team organiser, it's unmissable. So this is what's going to happen:

I skip the staff meeting (dammit). I take Audrey to her lesson. Since it goes too long for me to get to practice on time, I'll get a neighbour to pick her up at the stable and bring her home to the sitter who will hopefully be here at 7:30. My stomach aches with the logistics of all this. I even said a prayer before I got out of bed for this to work out. And I have to work all day with people who think I'm going to the meeting later and you all know how much I talk. I'll also have to keep quiet all day tomorrow about how amazing the practice was. I'm in knots here...

Oh, and best news of all? My monthly visitor arrived a couple of days early. Just in time for this awful day and to have me doubled over with cramps and pissy for the next 2 days. Good times.

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