Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Last day of school

Most normal mothers would be rejoicing the fact that (to coin a phrase) school's out for summer. I'm not a normal mother. I'm of the how-can-I-miss-you-if-you-won't-go-away school of love and devotion. I'm predicting that about 45 minutes after they get home from school today, I'll start hearing the dreaded chorus of "I'm bored!"

I've got lots of activities planned. Beach days, picnics, swimming lessons, shopping excursions, camp, movies... but they'll still find a way to be bored. None of it will keep them completely happy. I guarantee they'll play the "bored card". It's fine. I'm prepared. The bathroom door has a lock on it, there's a radio in there and I've hidden a gossip rag under the sink. So if worse comes to worse, I've got a pretty cushy little hiding place. I'll just hole up in the toilet until they wander outside to be bored on their bikes. See what you can do when you have a plan? Bring on summer. I'm prepared.

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