Monday, June 18, 2007

Woohoo! Monday

Another brutally busy weekend down. Now off to go to work to rest.

My Diva turned 9 yesterday. But not before she sang at the AAA baseball game on Friday. It was her choir from school and they did really well. How cute were they? Sorry I can't upload the film but here's a photo (she's the one with the blue headband)...

At that game the scales fell from my eyes when I discovered that my 11 year old son had a girlfriend. This was them after she kissed him on the cheek. Oy.

Saturday was Audrey's party. There weren't too many girls, thank goodness but still I had stuff do do. I'm notorious for not giving out loot bags so I decided to have the girls decorate a flower pot and pot a plant. They looked really nice.

Yesterday after giving Scott a nice Father's Day morning and Audrey a nice birthday early afternoon, we bundled Scott into a taxi and got him off to his flight for Albuquerque New Mexico. He's there for a week in a town famously known for enabling Bugs Bunny's terrible sense of direction. He'll be back Friday night. Yes. Just in time for another fun-filled weekend. Sigh.

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