Monday, January 29, 2007

When cheerful people attack

Okay so I show up at work this morning with my usual spring in my step and a smile on my lips. I go in the front door and see my manager at the cash. She'd been away most of last week so I just assumed she was on holiday. First mistake.

Me: Hi C! How are you? You look all happy and wonderful after your holiday. Did you have a good time? Was it fun?

C: Err... ummm... uh..

Me (blundering along blindly and happily): Well, whatever you did it suited you. Well, I'm going downstairs, now. See you later!

Well didn't I find out a few hours later that C had gone out west because her friend had committed suicide and she was helping make arrangements and dealing with the woman's 16 year old son. Fuck.

I went to her as soon as I could and apologised as well as offered my condolences. She understood, of course as I couldn't have known but it didn't help me feel any better. No wonder perpetually happy people make others nervous. What must she have thought? I really need to stop being completely oblivious to other's moods.