Monday, January 22, 2007

10 things I hate about this house

We've been living at Number 29 for over 8 years. I love the location of this house and I've often said that if we win a ton of money in the lottery (you can't win if you don't play), I'd stay here and just fix it up. That said, there are things about it that drive me nuts. Besides the fact that it doesn't clean, dust and vacuum itself, that is. In no particular order:

1) The windows and doors suck. Literally. The windows suck the warm air right out of the house and my front door has a crack in it so wide that I can see daylight out of it.

2) Our front window has no curtain. Never has had. We're high enough off the ground so that people walking by can only see our heads but the neighbours across the street also have a high first floor. If we can see them, then it stands to reason that they can see us. Scurrying around the room doubled over covering our naughty bits when we forget.

3) Our bathrooms. The one on the first floor has horribly awful, hard-to-hide/match-with-towels fixtures. Powder blue. And the counter is yellow. Uck. The second bathroom is even worse, if possible. It's fitted head to toe in teeny tiny tiles that must have been a pain-in-the-ass to install. There's a grubby (despite my cleaning efforts) stand-up shower and watch out... you'll concuss yourself on the sink while wiping your privates. Consider that your warning so you can't sue my ass.

4) Our garage. It's too small to fit both household junk and the car. So the car sleeps outside and the junk knowing it's alone and unwatched by the car has had sexytime and has multiplied to not only one but two metal sheds in the backyard. Attractive.

5) My kitchen. I love to cook but it's frustrating to use an oven that's temperature gauge is only a suggestion and the fridge is so loud I can't hear the tv.

6) My laundry room. The washer and dryer are so old that they are one step up from a washboard and the great outdoors.

7) My hardwood floors could use refinishing. They look like dry skin. And the sound when you pull the dining-room chairs across the floor? Brrrr...

8) Bedroom storage. I have 60+ pairs of shoes and my tiny cupboard barely fits them and all my clothes. In fact, even the cat can't fit inside it. I'd do anything for a walk-in.

9) Our landscaping job. Which at best is to keep the lawn clipped and at worst is to buy plants in the spring only to have them turn to dust by the fall. I have a literal and figurative black thumb.

10) The fact that the boys share a room. When the boys were little it was cute for them to share. They didn't care much and Scott got his precious modelling room/office. Eight years later, I'd love all the kids to have their own space. Elliott hasn't complained but he will. And so will Scott when he has to give up his sanctuary. We'll have to move him out to the garage, poor guy.

Anyway, those are the things I'd most love to change about the house. That said, I love the neighbours and neighbourhood and would hate to have to move away. Not that that's in the cards anytime soon. Just felt like venting and where better than here? Thanks for listening.