Friday, January 26, 2007

Suuupermum to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!

So this morning I was told by Audrey that it was Treat Day. For those of you without little kids, Treat Day is a school fund raising event where one class provides enough treats for the rest of the school and the treats are then sold to the other classes.

The treats needed to be wrapped individually and I needed 18 items. Oh, MAN. So, still in my sleepwear (tank top and granny panties), Supermum flies into action. At the speed of light I turn on the oven, mix up the cookie dough, prepare the pans and pop them in the oven. Then, like a flash, I Saran Wrap them together in 18 packets of 2, pop them in a ziplock and throw them to Audrey. Whew. Record time.

That on top of the fact that Audrey and Elliott had to dress as their favourite literary characters (Zack from Butt Wars? Rachel from Ruby the Red Fairy? Who? I'm just glad the characters wore street clothes) and Henry had pyjama day. Honestly, I'm amazing. I did all that extra stuff and no one was late for anything. AND I even read a chapter of my novel before I got out of bed.