Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Well, that was just plain gross

Yesterday I took 3 photos of myself in a bathing suit. OMG, I'm gagging here. I've been planning on dieting but seeing those photos has grossed me out so much I may never eat again. I took the photos to motivate me to lose the extra 10-15 pounds I've been lugging around but they make me want to lose 50. I'm a big fat pig.

My plan was to post them here. After seeing them I won't even take them off the camera let alone put them on the computer hard drive. For obvious reasons I think I need to stay away from all types of cookies. Besides, do I really want to alienate (nauseate?) my faithful readers that way? Do I want to reward you for your loyalty to Karenworld by showing the emperor without her clothes and in an ill fitting bikini? I think not. You can't unsee something you've already seen, especially if it's nasty.

So I was off to the gym at 5am this morning to rectify the problem. I need to get my cardio up and get rid of some of this excess flab. I don't want to go down any sizes, I just want to fit comfortably into my regular size instead of sickly bubbling out over my size 10s. I want to feel and look like the perfect 10 that's hiding under all this jiggly flesh.

And those 3 little (big?) photos will go a long way into shaming me into doing it. Effective, yet oh so depressing.